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Hi, I'm Aina, a 26-year-old Frontend Engineer based in Berlin, Germany.

I'm a Front End Engineer interested in creative coding, security, and sustainable engineering. I work at Kröpelin Projekt GmbH.

I'm focused on building products with JavaScript, specifically, React and React-Native.

I also have Full Stack experience with PHP and open-source CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and ILIAS.

When I'm not coding, I'm likely searching for new restaurants, learning Chinese, or contributing to the queer and FLINTA scene of Berlin.

You can find me on GitHub and LinkedIn.

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Featured projects

React project for my Master thesis From design to deployment.

The Orphan of Zhao website snippet

Mock website for the Historian theater company. From design to deployment. First website using Bootstrap4 and Sass. Initialized using uoc-boilerplate. It works with Parcel and includes Sass compiler, an ES6 transpiler, minifiers, an image transformer, and development tools.

The Orphan of Zhao website snippet

Food blog featuring the best vegan and vegetarian spots in Berlin. From design to deployment. Built with HTML, CSS and Js. First project using Parcel as compilator

Veggie Berlin Blog snippet

Burger builder using React, following instructions from the React Complete course by Maximilian Schwarzmüller. It includes Hooks, React Router and, soon, Redux

burger builder snippet

Formula 1 results viewer using the MVC model, API requests and basic cypress testing. Based on an inital template by UOC University

Formula 1 results viewer snippet

Finished projects

Small generator featuring random inspirational quotes. Project build with React, using ajax requests for the Free Code Camp react course

Random quote generator snippet

Club for cinema passionates looking for information on the latest movies.
Third website build with HTML & CSS.

Oscar's club website snippet

Website with information and data about Covid. Second website build using HTML & CSS. Including a formular for the fisrt time.

Covid info website snippet

Article website about the current desinformation. Started from the bottom. First one page website using HTML & CSS

Cassandra website snippet
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